Thursday, March 18, 2010

Image is back on Rapidshare

I reload the Image File to rapidshare.

Sorry for the last months, but I am very busy. To much to do...


  1. thanks a lot! Looking forward to having a play around with it.

  2. hi, update the links here to
    android on samsung omnia and i780
    i guess this is 1 of the best projects yet since linux was born :)
    awesome & thanks to all who made this possible
    note to newbies: this is still alpha (closing to beta) as of early jan 2011, i.e. experimental

  3. Hi guys,i need your help How to download android to my samsung i780? please help me.

  4. The image file is missing again... Also if you could add some tips for partitioning the SD card. Thanks!