Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vote is finished.

112 People vote

108 think this blog is a good thing
2 dont know what they want
2 are not interested to this blog

that means the blog will stay alive

thanks for every vote.


  1. pool for yes continue please :)

  2. OMG I just watched the utube video shows andorid runnging on i780 I was totally freaking out, and I googled and I think I found ur blog:)(in which the first thread I saw is this blog should stay, I was like phew..)
    just so you know I think my i780 is the perfect handset for me and I always wanted to see someone trying android on it, and after a long period of disappointment like a miracle you did it. So no matter whether I can find stuffs on ur site to make my own i780 running android I need to say thank you! And PLEASE PLEASE keep up the great work

  3. Great job so far...any plans to continue the development. A lot of guys would love you for it!

  4. any news about running android on i780?

  5. Hi. Great thanks for the real step to change OS on i780. Is it alive? Be pitty if project will die. Wish you time, fun and income to continue the project in good conditions :)